About Marine Veteran

I know what your first thought is: It's a gimmick. No it is not a gimmick. I am indeed a Marine veteran who creates content on Mixer. I served 9 years of active duty and have deployed twice: once to Iraq in 2009 and a second to Afghanistan in 2011.
I am married to my lovely wife of over 12 years and we have 4 crazy kiddos.

I have been streaming for over four and a half years starting on Twitch and after dealing with more than my fair share of utter lack of support for their members on Twitch, I found my home on Mixer

I don't just stream games. I do wood burning by hand and also take requests as well. I also help people understand how to set up their streaming setups also.

I stream mainly at night starting at 10pm CST and enjoy anyone hanging out and gaming with friends as well.